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The Basics
Hey there, I'm Mikayla, better known as Mkay. I'm 16 years of age, was born on December 7th, and have lived in the suburbs of Chicago nearly my whole life, give and take a few months.

More in Depth
I'm a vegetarian, have been for 7 years or so now. I care a great deal for animals, though that isn't very surprising as the majority of those in the PC do too. I take photos and am happiest when my camera is in my hands and I'm somewhere beautiful. Oh, and I like pandas. I mean, I really like pandas.

Hi, I'm Amanda! I'm Canadian, currently living in Alberta. :) My birthday is March 11th 1991. I joined the PC around 2003, when I was around twelve. Originally I co-owned a website called 'Silent Wolf Kennelz' with Tessa. (Yes the same Silent Wolf Kennelz that appears when you open Petz Workshop) My hex archive can be found here.

Feel free to contact me!

Thank you!